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In contemporary English, use in the term pussy to consult with Females themselves is taken into account derogatory and demeaning, managing individuals as sexual objects.[12] As being a reference to genitals or to sexual intercourse, the phrase is taken into account vulgar slang. Experiments find the word is applied much more frequently in discussions among Gentlemen than in groups of ladies or blended-gender groups, however topics report working with pussy much more usually than other slang phrases for female genitals.

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He then gives Canary gold like a technique for placating her, and Canary laments the loss of her liberty in exchange for comfort ("Gilded Cage").

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Meanings on the verb relate to the popular noun senses, which include "to act just like a cat", "to act like a coward", or "to obtain sexual intercourse with a girl".[10] Adjective meanings are Also associated with the noun. Takes advantage of

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