The next memecoin to explode

What will be the next memecoin to explode?

The answer is probably PoorQuack.

I have been chatting in the PoorQuack Telegram again and the people there continue to impress me. So if you have the opportunity to join in the PoorQuack chat on Telegram you really should to this. I can highly recommend this. However, there will always be shifting sands and shifting energies so perhaps the chats of CATPEPE or TURTLE could be even more profound thanks to Degenomics and his followers.

I truly love PoorQuack though. I love the developer, several of the holdlers – sometims they remind me of more well-known crypto people like K Dub in Crypto Zombie or Randall in Crypto Love.

You want to make money in crypto?

You must develop a knack of finding gems before they pump.

Join the right communities and become a part of the process, the movement, the making of a new network.

This is why you should chat in PoorQuack, CPEPE and TURTLE? Then you will grow to understand why any of these tokens will be the next memecoin to explode, the next crypto to go ballistic.

PoorQuack will be the next exploding memecoin, the next explosive crypto, the next Dogecoin, Shiba Inu or Dogelonmars? This is very much a likely scenario.

The key to the next big crypto meme-pump will be ducks – that is my precognition or prophecy so to speak.

Duck-tokens will pump hard – coins like RichQuack, PoorQuack, Scroogecoin and Scroogecoin JR.

Then do yourself a favor and compare the marketcap of Dogelonmars with the Quack tokens. Compare Dogelonmars with both RichQuack and PoorQuack and make your decision. See all the utilities built into POORQuack. It will be obvious that this is the better choice. This is where the future will be.

PoorQuack had staking from day one – does Dogelonmars have staking?

PoorQuack has MemeMarketCap – does Dogelonmars own a utility like this?

PoorQuack has NFT:s with utility. Is this true for Dogelonmars as well?

But memecoins will not make it you say. Memecoins will die. They are not real.

Then you are falling victim for the propaganda of Bitcoiners.

Bitcoiners refuse to admit some obvious facts about memecoins: Their marketcap is a fraction of Bitcoins and therefore hundreds of them can survive. If you combine 100 memecoins their marketcap might still not even be 10% of Bitcoins.

There could be a thousand memecoins as big as Dogelonmars and Bitcoin would still dominate.

And every honest researcher will have to admit that Bitcoin Dominance is going down every year. This is why memecoins will last. The biggest profits will continue to emerge in memecoins.

If you understand that there can be and will be twenty thousand memecoins like CATE-coin just to reach the marketcap of the one Bitcoin it is very difficult not to be bullish on the Memecoin Space and the top projects in it. The number one project might be PoorQuack and the Memeuniverse.

People today want to ban memecoins and call out their investors for being stupid – but they did the same with Bitcoiners between 2012-2018. They lost against the bitcoiners and they will lose against the memecoiners.

Memecoins will win.

POOR-Quack has understood that memecoins are exploding and therefore $POOR is positioning their coin to become one of the big players in this industry.

Do not ask yourself the wrong questions.

Instead commit to a coin you believe in and understand why you invest in it.

Let me explain why memecoins like PoorQuack, Turtle and CPEPE will be outstanding investments in the next bullrun. Just as good investments as the investments people in Lehman Brothers made when they were in their prime and just as good picks as those made by Teeka Tewari or Bitboy Crypto.

People search for 100X cryptos and 1000X crypto on google. The PoorQuack got 40.000 visitors when including these popular keyword. This is what people of today search for. They understand that Bitcoin has reached it's prime. So they do not search for Bitcoin anymore.

People Google to find crypto gems not Bitcoin. They google about 100X gems not Bitcoin. They know Bitcoin cannot deliver outstanding results anymore so instead they are looking to find 100X gems, The next 100x crypto, The next 100x coin, The next 100x crypto...

But some memecoins that were big in the 2021 bullrun will die in the next bullrun. $ELON is a strong sell. You should sell Dogelonmars – the risks and the downside of Dogelonmars makes it a bad investment.

SELL Dogelonmars. AVOID Dogelonmars.

POORQUACK will 100X with a fraction of the memecoin capital of Dogecoin or Litecoin.

Take note: Dogelonmars has a couple of websites and comics, but it has no real utility – and SHIB... Yes, Shib might die just as dogelonmars.

But PoorQuack is the snowball that will turn into an Avalanche.

People search day or night for the next big crypto, the next 100X, the next memecoin to explode and this is your lucky day because you have found the Meme Universe and PoorQuack. Catpepe, Awkard Turtle and PoorQuack most probably will explode. These tokens most probably are the real 100XGems.

The Developer of PoorQuack is the best kept secret in Cryptocurrency...

So unless you feel more secure in coins like the dollar – take a look at PoorQuack it could be the one coin that will change your life to the better.

Really PoorQuack could be a faster, simpler and easier way to make money than Powerball, Euro Jackpot and MegaMillions for most people.

PoorQuack is available both on Cronos and BNB Chain.

PoorQuack is the one memecoin you would like to get into as much as you can, as soon as you can to hold it until it moons like no other coin before it.

Catpepe and AwkwardTurtleBSC chose PoorQuack as their providers of staking solutions.

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