At Grupo Arga Detectives , we offer various services where you will find the opportunity to reconcile a solution to the case that you present in particular. Thanks to our long professional career, we have dealt with cases of various kinds; some of them are more requested than others and therefore, we will name some of these for more information.

Infidelities are very recurrent cases within our investigation services. This service is for those people who are suspicious of their partner, believing in the possibility of infidelity . The problem is that they do not have the tools to know the truth of the circumstances.
For this reason, at Grupo Arga Detectives , we assure you of a complete and very satisfactory procedure, where we will confirm or rule out the existence of infidelity .

within companies that warrant a private investigation . The leak or embezzlement of information, presented in various strategies, including cases of fraud or espionage by employees from lower to higher hierarchical scale; among other circumstances, they have represented a serious problem for companies of various kinds.
For this, a complete analysis of all the information that travels within the companies is required , thus it will be possible to detect problems such as fraudulent sick leave , theft or loss of valuable information for malicious purposes, espionage by competing companies , among others. At Grupo Arga , you will find a high-caliber service in this area.

Locating people is a procedure that requires direct and rapid attention. The reasons why a person disappears can be diverse. The truth is that the anguish and anxiety
product of this situation together with the lack of attention by police entities, they will not be able to provide a solution.
At Grupo Arga , you will find the support you need, providing you with direct, optimal and fast attention in order to locate the missing person.

The idealization of a private detective changes as time goes by, but since its inception most people behave skeptically, especially because they continue with that image of the typical private detective with a pipe and a magnifying glass, almost resembling a superhero, but the reality is that it is a professional that you should know.
Hiring a private detective implies having a whole specialization, because their knowledge and passion become the most valuable resources, responding to every need always willing to seek the truth, so you must understand the reality about this profession. .

On several occasions it is necessary to initiate a private investigation to find out what is happening on a personal, business, technological and other level, because these are environments in which doubts or fraud arise on a daily basis, this is what generates a deep need for have the role of a private detective.
The reality of these agents is that they are not spies, far from it, but they are specialists in some area, all thanks to their level of education and training, in fact their studies are what make them representatives of the investigation of fields, computer science, personal issues, and even business.
To all this preparation is added the complement of demonstrating a wide willingness to work each cause, this is the compliance that a private detective detectives in spain issues with his work, the more you know about his actions, likewise you can completely trust his scope.
The benefit of the investigation is noted on the facets of each private detective, as they are the main protagonist of this intense search for the truth, therefore, to consider this contract, it is necessary to trust in those clear advantages that these agents offer to know what hide your partner for example.
The activities of a private detective extend over time to cover more and more areas of attention, especially when dealing with behaviors emitted by unfair competition at the business level, because in each environment there is that great need to apply a private investigation to obtain answers.
The service issued by a private detective is completely based on his functions, because after his study he seeks to participate in more situations, this specialty is what places him as an ideal professional, therefore in private investigation it is necessary to stay at the forefront in order to respond.
To all this is added the management they have over each advanced technique, because this causes them to bet on a result and a clear answer in less time, because they are not superheroes but if they dedicate themselves completely to each case, they seek to capture a delivery absolute and full for the truth, that is his passion.
The greatest advantage that a private detective offers is that approach towards collecting the truth, especially with actions that closely follow that search for information, because that is the intervention that every case needs, their choice also depends on the level of specialization that it be possessed

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